Board Members and Contacts

Nature Regina’s Board of Directors is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting in May. Executive positions are elected directly (president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer). Other directors are elected in-general, and board tasks are then divided amongst members by mutual agreement.

Board Members May 1, 2017 to April 30, 2018

President: Gary Seib
Vice President: Fran Kerbs
Secretary: Mary Aird
Treasurer: Margaret Skeel
Past President: Dale Hjertaas

Program Directors
Conservation/Native Plant Garden: Wayne Pepper
Hidden Valley: Stephane Canévet
Environmental Advocacy: (vacant)
Field Trips: Ingrid Alesich
Fundraising: (Vacant)
Newsletter: Jim Elliott
Website: Fran K

Linda Langenbacher, Shirley Gerlock, Wayne Pepper, Stephane Canevet, Jim Elliott, Ingrid Alesich, Dorothy Rhead

Facebook/Bird Counts: Brett Quiring
News & Notes: Phyllis Ilsley, Helen McCaslin
Publicity: Ingrid Alesich
Phoning: Ruth Englund

Contact Nature Regina (including contact regarding Field Trips):
or mail Nature Regina, Box 291, Regina S4P 3A1