Craven to Condie Field Trip – April 9, 2016

On April 9th, 2016 Nature Regina’s field trip of 16 people, led by Stephane Canevet, headed North West of Regina.
The 75 km/hour winds and ominous clouds, along with Valeport being too boggy and weather too windy on top of the valley meant the group took refuge at a new restaurant in Craven – where after some great food it was decided they would take the back roads through Lumsden to Brown’s Slough (an area a few miles West of Condie Nature Refuge), and then back roads in to Condie. At Condie, they found Dale and Paule Hjertaas checking out the birds.
The following species were observed and enjoyed:
1 Northern Shrike (near Brown’s slough)nos
4 American While Pelicans
1 Double-crested Cormorants
2 flocks of Snow Geese…100 to 150sg
14 White-fronted Geese
Several small flocks of Canada Geese
10 Tundra Swansts
3 American Wigeons
7 Northern Shovelers
3 Northern Pintails
1 Gadwall
3 Goldeneyes
80 Canvasbacks
17 Redheads
6 Green-winged Teals
17 Scaup
13 Common Mergansers
About 180 mallards in total, with one large flock of 150 on our way to Brown’s slough
6 Red-tailed Hawks
2 Merlins
5 Northern Harriers
44 American Cootsco
Approximately 3 flocks of Sandhill Cranes each with about 20 to 60 birdssc
1 American Avocet
1 California Gull
30 American Crows
14 Black-billed Magpies
9 Western Meadowlarks
5 Blackbirds (sp) and 30 Red-winged Blackbirds
18 Kildeer
4 American Robins
1 Horned Lark
2 ground squirrels
8 deer
1 donkey
6 horses
3 cows and 1 calf
3 farm dogs
1 dead skunk
and 1 huge muskrat house
Submitted by Ingrid Alesich, Photos by Hiroyuki Aoki