Highway 99 and Condie Nature Refuge Field Trip – Apr 14, 2018

Nature Regina’s field trip, led by Dan Sawatzky, had 22 people on this field trip. The caravan of 6 cars, with a walkie talkie in each car, meandered along Highway 99. It was 3 above but a windchill of minus 3. The trip was well worth it with the excitement that we saw 28 Mountain Bluebirds right at the eastern side of the crossroads of Highways 6 and 99. We also celebrated seeing a flock of 10 Western Meadowlarks, and 3 individual Northern Shrike in various locations: one along Route 99 and two at Condie. A great lunch was had in Craven with 22 of us being booked into the restaurant.

15 species of birds were observed:

25 Canada Goose
1 Cackling Goose
2 Mallard
3 Bald Eagles
8 Red-tailed Hawks
1 Ferruginous Hawk
10 gull species
6 Rock Pigeon (Feral Pigeon)
3 Northern Shrike
5 Black-billed Magpie
10 American Crow
4 Common Raven
28 Mountain Bluebird
4 American Robin
10 Western Meadowlark

Mammals: one Richardson Ground Squirrel and 18 White-tailed deer.

Field trip report submitted by Ingrid Alesich

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