Estevan Field Trip – December 3, 2016

Six members headed to Estevan Dec 6th in search of birds and other wildlife. We went via Highway 306 past Estlin, and Lewvan before going south to Weyburn. This detour both avoided an icy bit of road and took us through an area where leader Dale Hjertaas hoped to see some raptors.

It also produced an unexpected surprise, 4 bull moose, looking quite content feeding on the stubble in a light snow storm. Later we observed 1 WT Deer. The moose were an exciting find, as was the Ferruginous Hawk. It was also an identification challenge as it took a while for me to realize that immature Ferruginous have white, not rusty legs. Seeing swans was a pleasant surprise and a close up view of a cock pheasant, followed by a flock of 33 in a field were great to see.
Interestingly, while we say eagles and falcons south of Weyburn, all the hawks and owls were between Regina and Weyburn. We must have an excellent mouse population south of Regina!
Sometimes you get lucky. We stopped to take a photograph of a corn field and there was a longspur sitting on a fence post right where we happened to stop, which Jeannette caught a nice photo of! 










Field Trip report submitted by Dale Hjertaas


We did not keep perfect counts of all the birds, but here is a list of what we saw:

Photos above and below were taken by Mary Worel, Jeannette Luther, and Fran Kerbs. Please CLICK on each photo for a larger view.
· Canada Goose –about 150
· Tundra Swan – 41
· Mallard -1681
· Common Goldeneye – 24
· Hooded Merganser – 1
· Ruddy Duck – 4
· Horned Grebe – 2
· Ring-necked Pheasant – 40
· Bald Eagle – 2
· Rough –legged Hawk – 16,
· Ferruginous Hawk -1
· Northern Harrier – 3
· Snowy Owl – 4
· Rock Pigeon – more than 100
· Merlin – 1
· UI large falcon – 1
· Magpie – 6
· Horned lark -11
· Lapland Longspur -1
· Snow Bunting – 131
· House Sparrow -1