Wascana Marsh Field Trip on September 27, 2016

On a warm September Tuesday evening, Brett Quiring led a group of 15 on the Nature Regina field trip in the areas around the Saskatchewan Science Centre in Regina.

Birds noted:

Canada Geese
Mallard Ducks
Double-crested Cormorants
Ring-billed Gulls
2 Tern species
Yellow-rumped Warblers (Myrtle),
Dark-eyed Juncos (slate-colored)
a Belted Kingfisher, a Red-breasted Nuthatch, a Hermit Thrush, a Cedar Waxwing, a White-crowned Sparrow, and many American Robins

Hiro Aoki and Ingrid Alesich took the followih-sept-27-16-yrwa-science-centreng photogrh-sept-27-16-deju-yrwa-science-centreaingrids2-sp-27-16-brett-ftph-sept-27-16-amro-science-centrehs:  

please click on each photo for a larger viewh-sept-27-16-people-at-science-centreingrids-sp-27-16-brett-fth-sept-27-16-dcco-science-centreh-sept-27-16-beki-science-centre