Native Plant Garden

On September 16, 2019 we celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the Native Plant Garden. Some of the original architects of the garden were present, as well as some of the current crew. as well as mingle with its current crew. Hyssop and bergamot tea made from our own plants was served and there were free seeds from the garden given away. 

Since 1994 Nature Regina and the Royal Saskatchewan Museum have nurtured the native plant garden, a colourful oasis of natural beauty, at the south-east entrance of the museum at the corner of College Avenue and Albert Street. Young and old alike are mesmerized by the many prairie wild flowers growing and blooming in profusion throughout the growing season. Old-timers reminisce about the Prairie Crocus and Western Red Lilies they used to pick on the way to school back in pioneer days while today’s children revel in pointing out the colourful blazing stars, sunflowers and some 50 native wildflowers scattered throughout the garden.

The garden’s character changes from week to week as each plant has its own show time. But there are always plenty of bees, butterflies, dragonflies and other interesting bugs to discover for families and school kids. Song birds such as wrens and catbirds take advantage of the habitat provided by the garden and commonly nest, sing and forage for food there.

The Native Plant Garden is Nature Regina’s way of showing people the beauty and importance of nature right in the centre of the city.