2018 Garden Project

An enthusiastic group of Nature Regina members are renewing the Native Species Plant garden at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. Since the last week of April, we have put in over 130 hours, pulling out quack grass, Canada Thistle and dandelions in our first year of a two year revitalization project.  We are also redefining the pathways through the gardens.

We have rediscovered many of the 75 species that were originally planted in the garden.  Some of the flowers already seen include: Showy Milkweed, and Low Milkweed, Indian Breadroot, Harebells, Wild Licorice, Northern Bedstraw, Wild Strawberries, Golden Bean, Wild Roses, and Locoweed. The Giant Hyssop, Sunflowers and Monarda are the featured flowers mid-July.

Butterflies, ants, moths, and bees are busy taking advantage of all the flowering plants and long summer days in the garden.

Through Wayne Pepper’s continuing conversations with Wascana Centre Authority, they have agreed to help us by removing the invasive trees and pruning the evergreens.

To help control the invasive plants, we are using an inch thick layer of newspaper under the mulch and hoping it will greatly reduce the amount of work next year.

It’s great to see people are making trips to the garden just to take photos of the flowers.  In fact, one gentleman, regularly posts his photos on Instagram.

We have noticed the benefits of working regularly in the garden.  We welcome novice and experienced gardeners to join us at 8.30 Thursday mornings until the end of September. If you know what a dandelion looks like, you know enough to help us.

See you soon!

Gail Fennell