Student Conservation Grant / Sponsorship


Each year, Nature Regina makes available a Conservation Grant of up to $1000 for student projects that contribute to conservation of nature and biological diversity.

The Conservation Grant is targeted at students who need financial assistance and possibly other assistance from naturalists, to carry out their nature based projects. Projects that further understanding of ecological relationships in the Regina or Southern Saskatchewan natural environment are preferred candidates for the grant. 

For the 2017 year, three applications were received.

The successful applicant was Phil Rose who is in the second year of his Masters of
Science Program at University of Regina. 

Mr. Rose is studying grassland songbirds with the goal of establishing management targets and evaluating multi-species management in the mixed-grass prairie.

Song bird responses to different habitat gradients including moisture and woody vegetation will be assessed and targets for species-at-risk relevant to day to day management practices undertaken by livestock producers will be developed.

A second aspect of the study is to assess how greater sage grouse management targets
influence grassland songbirds in native rangelands. The endangered Sage grouse is
an obligate user of sage brush and the question is to determine if rangeland that is
managed to enhance sage brush growth, will influence songbirds.

The Nature Regina grant will assist Mr. Rose and his field assistants in their 2017 field
work of conducting vegetation surveys and point counts for the song birds across a
major portion of the Pallister Triangle in Saskatchewan.

Questions about the Nature Regina Conservation Grant can be directed to:

Wayne Pepper, Conservation Director
Nature Regina
50 Sommerfeld Drive, Regina, SK. S4V 0C7
phone (306)789-6672; fax (306) 751-4841
email to