Student Conservation Grant / Sponsorship


Each year, Nature Regina makes available a Conservation Grant of up to $1000 for student projects that contribute to conservation of nature and biological diversity.

The Conservation Grant is targeted at students who need financial assistance and possibly other assistance from naturalists, to carry out their nature based projects. Projects that further understanding of ecological relationships in the Regina or Southern Saskatchewan natural environment are preferred candidates for the grant.

We require a short proposal from each candidate that includes:

• The ecological need for the project;
• A short description of the goals and objectives;
•  A brief general description of the methods and work plan;
•  Duration of the project;
•  A description of the expected end product(s) of the project such as a Masters                     dissertation, a published report or a management plan to address an ecological                   problem(s)
•  Expected use of the grant (living expenses, travel, acquisition of equipment,                        support for assistants or other)
•  Potential for combining with other funding sources
•  Level of urgency for the financial support

Nature Regina requires that, upon completion of the project, the successful applicant will either make an oral presentation at one of the society’s monthly meetings or provide a full written report to Nature Regina.

Deadline for Applications:
Applications are requested by February 28th, 2017 for work commencing in that calendar year. Nature Regina also encourages applicants to apply in succeeding years to support projects that extend over two or more years.

Questions about the Nature Regina Conservation Grant can be directed to:

Wayne Pepper, Conservation Director
Nature Regina
50 Sommerfeld Drive, Regina, SK. S4V 0C7
phone (306)789-6672; fax (306) 751-4841
email to