Wascana Regina Field Trip – March 2016

Saturday morning, 23 people came out to Wascana Park to enjoy Nature Regina’s walk, led by Kim Mann, Val Mann, and Laurie Koepke.

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1 jpNatureRwalkIMG_5792 val mann

Unfortunately the temperature was 10 degrees lower than had been forecast when we started out. It was at minus 5. We had light snow falling intermitently. It was bitingly cold…always a bit of a wind near the lake and it only got up to minus 2 by noon.


We did however, see a lot of species!

1 slightly tanned on the back Easter bunny!

Quite a lot of red squirrels

1 American crow fighting with a squirrel. We could not see over what. Probably food!?
13 Dark-eyed Juncos Wascana Mar 19 16 022 DEJU Laurie K
2 Downy Woodpeckers
77 Mallard Ducks
1 female Hairy Woodpecker
5 Black-capped Chickadees
1 Common Raven
7 Feral Rock Pigeons
6 House Sparrows
2 American Robins


1 hybrid Canada Goose/Snow GooseWascana Mar 19 16 049 leuc GO







2 Greater White-fronted Geese

Wascana Mar 19 16 062 GWFG (2)




6 Snow Geese
6 Bohemian Waxwings
1 Cedar waxwing


Wascana Mar 19 16 090 leuc CEWA LKWascana Mar 19 16 086 BOWA both Laurie K















550 Canada Geese (some Cackling Geese) on the lake in various groupings. About 1,000 Canada geese flew over our heads from the west as we were leaving. There were probably about 50 Canada Geese feeding on the lawns of the legislature – a few had bands on their legs.
More information on the bands can be found here
from Meghan Eggertson c









Report by Ingrid Alesich, Photos by Laurie Koepke, Meghan Eggertson, and Val Mann.

If anyone from the trip would like to contribute photos for this or any field trip, please email natureregina@gmail.com  Thank you!