Trans Canada Trail Walk – April 27, 2019

The field trip on Saturday, April 27 2019 went ahead as planned. Despite a forecast of rain, snow, wind, and cold, the morning was sunny if a little brisk. 26 people attended and we saw 26 species of birds including a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, a female Purple Finch, Merlins, Black-billed Magpies, American Tree Sparrows and more.

One stand out bird was an intergrade Yellow-shafted/Red-shafted Flicker! Jim Nordquist spotted the red/black malar of this bird. We also saw 3 mammal species: White-tailed Jackrabbits, Richardson’s Ground Squirrels, and Fox Squirrels.

This route follows a paved path through stands of mature Spruce and hardwoods. A storm channel on the south side provides great habitat for finding ducks and, in the future, possibly herons, bitterns, and other waterbirds. We reached Doiron Rd and crossed over to the creek to the north side. We then followed the dirt path to what seems to be a storm water retention pond. This pond has lots of vegetation surrounding it and most likely hosts nesting birds. From here we crossed on a footbridge and returned back to our starting point.    

Thank you to all who came out!