Exploring the Meacham area for Whooping Cranes – Oct 21, 2017

A day trip was made on Saturday, October 21st, led by Dan Sawatzky.  
The nine of us had a wonderful field trip in search of Whooping Cranes.  When we reached the Meacham area, the temperature was 3 degrees (-2 with the wind chill), but this did not deter us! 
Our first stop east of Bruno we saw 10 Whooping Cranes, 7 in one area near a slough, and 3 on top of a hill: 2 adults and one juvenile.  We were about 200 meters away, but it was a thrill for several of us who had never seen them in the wild before.  A half hour away towards Meacham, we saw 15, again near a different slough.  They did not stay for long when they saw our vehicles stop though none of us got out.  
After that, we stopped in Meacham for lunch at a local pub and warmed up with Chinese soup, tea and food.  The wind had picked up more, and it had started to rain, so we decided to call it a success and headed home. Below is a list of other species we saw on our journey.
Report submitted by Ingrid Alesich
 click on the following photos for a larger view!
Photos by Hiro Aoki are in the SPECIES LIST:
Photos ABOVE the list are by Jeannette Luttmer
Snow Goose    9,630 
Cackling Goose    4     
Canada Goose   420     
Tundra Swan    54     
Mallard   47     
Northern Pintail   10 
Lesser Scaup   30 
duck species   450 
Great Blue Heron   1
Bald Eagle  6  
Rough-legged Hawk  8 
hawk species  3
Sandhill Crane   220 
Whooping Crane  24
Black-bellied Plover  1     
Greater Yellowlegs    2 
Ring-billed Gull   6 
Black-billed Magpie 5
American Crow   9 
Common Raven   6