Student Conservation Grant / Sponsorship

Nature Regina makes available a Conservation Grant of up to $1,500 for student projects that contribute to conservation of nature and biological diversity.

The Conservation Grant is targeted at students who need financial assistance and possibly other assistance from naturalists, to carry out their nature based projects. Projects that further understanding of ecological relationships in the Regina or Southern Saskatchewan natural environment are preferred candidates for the grant.

To date, Nature Regina has made this Grant available yearly, with an application deadline of February 28th for work commencing in that calendar year.

The 2017 grant recipient was Phil Rose, who was Nature Regina’s guest speaker at the Annual General Meeting on May 21, 2018.

The 2018 Conservation Grant has been awarded to Erin Swerdfeger.

Erin is studying bat migration in relation to wind energy. She is researching where bats migrate through southern Saskatchewan during autumn migration. If her study results show important areas or landscape features for bats during migration, she hopes the information can be used to inform siting guidelines for future wind energy projects.