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Butterfly capture

Butterfly Study on a June Field Trip

Nature Regina’s Mission is to foster a greater appreciation of all aspects of the natural environment through presentations, field trips, education programs and environmental advocacy.

What you can enjoy with Nature Regina: Whether you’re curious about those little yellow birds that appear in your yard every year, the purple flowers along the highway, or the latest research on topics like the migration of burrowing owls, Nature Regina’s presentations, field trips and newsletters will enrich your understanding and experience of the natural environment. Check the calendar for a complete schedule of presentations, field trips and events.

Come out and get your hands dirty: We meet every Tuesday morning from 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum Native Plant Garden to care for it. If you know what a dandelion looks like, you can help! This is a very busy time of year, to be sure, so you choose which days to be at the garden. We have some extra small garden tools but a pair of gloves can be good when handling roses and thistles! On September 16, 2019 we celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the Native Plant Garden. See photos from the event here.


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Protect and conserve Saskatchewan’s natural environment.

Some of the garden work crew

Nature Regina acts within Regina’s environmental community, participating in a number of collaborative projects and speaking to local and provincial governments about environmental issues. Nature Regina’s conservation efforts focus on Hidden Valley, a nature refuge it owns along the Qu’Appelle Valley, and on the native plant garden it maintains at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. Nature Regina is a local affiliate of Nature Saskatchewan